Photographic Monday: Where’s the frog?

I’ve noticed that some of my most liked posts are the photography ones, and so, for your pleasure, I am introducing a new feature to Tessellated Tales: Photographic Monday.

From now on, Mondays will be the day when I’ll share photos that I like, as well as some of mine.

To start this new adventure, I’ve chosen a photo I saw on facebook a couple of times. A friend of mine, a biologist, posted it, telling the rest of us to “find the frog” in this photo:


Can’t see it? I promise you it’s there. You just have to really look for it. There’s something that doesn’t look quite like everything else… And if you’re wondering, yes, you can see most of its body.

Still nothing? Don’t worry. It took me some 4 minutes to find it. I know some who took hours, and others who gave up on it and begged me to tell them.

So here’s a clue. You should be looking for something like this:

Juvenile toad (Rhinella martyi)

Seen it yet? If not, click on the photo and embiggen it. It might make things easier…

When you find it (I’m sure you will!), tell me how long you took to find it!


One thought on “Photographic Monday: Where’s the frog?

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