Photographic Monday: lightning strikes

It’s time for the second instalment of Photographic Monday!

This time, I bring you a photo of my own I took just last Friday:

The Lightning Dragon

Look! There’s a dragonish/serpentish cloud on the right!


I’ve wanted to photograph lightning ever since I started dabbling with photography. I read up on the theory, memorised it, and looked up as many photos of the sort as I could to know what I was aiming at – the whole shabang. Sadly, thunderstorms aren’t very common where I live, and the little lightning we had stubbornly struck where I couldn’t see it.

Until last Friday.

The thunderstorm started as we were finishing dinner, and as soon as the plates were clean, I rushed upstairs to grab my tripod and set up the camera. I only got to see the very end of the storm and snap five photos, but they’re five more than the zero I had before. And for the first ever try at it, they don’t look too shabby either!

For those of you who don’t know, lightning photography consists very basically of: putting your camera on a non-shaky surface (tripod is ideal), pointing the camera at where you think the lightning will strike, take a long exposure photo (think 30 seconds or so – the time depends on your other settings and what you wish to achieve), and hope that there’ll be lightning during that time that’ll be framed nicely. In short, there’s a lot of guesswork involved, and a lot of photos of blank skies to show off (had nearly 20 of those).

Hopefully there will be another thunderstorm soon and I’ll get to shoot some better photos. I already have the settings down. Now, it’s all up to nature.


 “Then bang! Crash! And the lightning flash!”
Prologue, Into the Woods


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