Book Blitz: Dark Legend: The Supernatural Chronicles by R.A. Reené

Title: Dark Legend: The Supernatural Chronicles
Author: R.A. Reené
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: June 13, 2014
Genre(s): Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
ISBN: 1312067039
Pages: 300
Buy at: Amazon

What if in the blink of an eye, you learned that everything you knew about your life was a lie? Learned that your family has been keeping a dark secret from you?

Fourteen-year-old Alexandria Grimaldi knows that her family lies to her and keeps secrets. But the truth is far from anything she could have ever imagined. In a single night, Alexandria’s world is turned upside down.

Raised as a witch, Alexandria learns just before fifteenth birthday that she was born a hybrid; half-faerie and half-demon. Along with her family, she’s forced to flee their home and seek refuge from the very people they’ve been trying to avoid her entire life; The Capitol. The Capitol, whom has a tyrannical reign over the supernatural race, reluctantly agrees to grant Alexandria and her family asylum.  They even allow her to freely practice magick and study the craft at the academy for supernaturals. But Alexandria’s troubles are far from over. Aside from getting use to her new life and accepting her true nature, she ultimately has to confront an evil that’s had a bounty on her head since before she was even born.

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The room is then engulfed in flames and in that same instant, everything goes black and once again I can’t breathe. When I can finally see again, I’m lying on my back looking up into some trees. Feeling the pain of the bruises on my back and the open wound on my chest, I still try to sit up. When I can finally sit up, I try to get my bearings and process what just happened. Trying to decide what was real and what I dreamed up. Demons were attacking us at the house. They were after something. But what? Grams, Eleanor, and Paige promised somebody they would protect me. That’s what Paige said. Paige. Everything pieces back together in my mind.

“Paige!” I scream as I crawl across the ground until I get to my feet. Dizziness hits me as soon as I’m on my feet. “Paige!” I begin to run.

“Shh! Alex, be quiet!” Eleanor says as I run into her.

“We have to go back!” I continue to scream.

“What? Alex, we can’t go back!

“Paige is back there! We have to go back!”

“Lower your voice! Do you want us to be found?!” She says as she grabs my arm and leads me through the forest. “We have to get back to Grams. I left her in a cave to come find you.”

“If Grams is okay, we need to go back for Paige.”

Eleanor stops dead in her track causing me to slams right into her, seeing as how I’m still a little dazed from teleporting here.

She turns to me with tears in her eyes “Alex, Paige is dead. She’s gone and she’s not coming back.”

“No!” I pull away from her and start running towards the cave; which is now in our view. “She’s your sister and my aunt! We can’t just leave her there!”

“She’s not my sister! Or your aunt,” Eleanor yells.

I stop and spin around to look at her. “What are you talking about?”

Eleanor makes me wait until we get back to the cave to tell me everything I’ve been waiting to hear for so long, but wasn’t prepared for. She paces for a few minutes before she starts talking.

“Grams, Paige, and I were three of the six people put in place to protect you.”

“Protect me from what?” I ask.

“That’s not important. All you need to know now is that: four of the six, including Paige are dead.”

“Who were the other three?”

“Two other witches and a warlock. They died the night you were born. They worked for the Department of Defense. Your Grams got McPherson to send them over.” Eleanor explains.

“Why would my parents need help protecting me?” I question. Eleanor remains silent.

“Grams? You’ve said nothing. What’s she talking about? What is after me? Tell me!” I demand.

“A lot of things happened the night you were born. Terrible things. Your mother and father; my son, were right in the middle of it,” Grams explains.

“Both of you are avoiding my question. What is after me?!” I yell.

“Sama’el is after you.” Grams confesses.

“Who’s Sama’el? I ask.

“Your father’s brother. Your Uncle,” Grams replies.

“You have another son?” I ask.

“Sama’el is not my son. He is your grandfather’s son. The late Lord of the Underworld,” Grams explains.

“Lord of the Underworld? That would mean he’s a –meaning my father’s a –making me a….demon. No, it’s not true,” I deny it.

“But it is. Your grandfather was Lord of the Underworld; a demon. Your father was his son; a demon. And Sama’el is his half-brother, making him your uncle; a demon. Making you a certified demon, Alex,” Grams says.

“What about my mother? Was she a demon, too?”

Eleanor takes over for Grams, who seems to be having a hard time just saying these things. “No. Your mother is a faerie. Making you not a fully blooded demon, but a hybrid. A cross between two species; demon and faerie,” Eleanor continues.

“Why is Sama’el after me?” I ask.

“He believes he needs you to break a curse your father put on him the night he died,” Eleanor tells me.

“What curse?”

“Sama’el is as bad as a person can go. He had plans on doing some very terrible things to supernatural and human races. Your father wasn’t going to let that happen. So he grounded Sama’el to the Underworld. Unable to leave, ever. Your father died with that curse still upon your uncle. And remember what I told you about curses. Those aren’t like spells,” she says.

“Yeah. The original caster has to lift it and if the caster dies, the possibility of the curse being lifted dies with them. But why does he think I can lift the curse?” I ask.

“Because you are the ultimate hybrid. Half-demon; the ultimate evil and half-faerie; the ultimate good and you share common blood. He thinks he can use you in some way to break the curse,” she replies.

“Well, that obviously won’t work. Will it?”

Grams looks at me with her sympathetic eyes. The same eyes she gives me when she’s about to hand down a punishment. “It’s possible. When you were first born and few years after that, it was about revenge to him. But over the years he’s had so many different advisers and one finally said something worth wild to him. So he’s changed his plan. First, it was about killing you because of what your father did. Now, it’s about finding you and using you to undo the curse.”

With nothing else to say I just take a deep breath and walk away. My suspicions about what was going on was so far from this, that finally hearing the truth makes me hurt so bad that I think I died a little on the inside. My half-demon father played hero and put on a curse on  his demon half-brother. Now, he has a bounty on my head. Paige is gone and that hurts the worst. All I want to do now is crawl into a bed and stay there for a few months or years. But of course, that can’t happen. It just sunk in with me why we had to move so much. It was to keep him off our trail.

“And there is something else”

I can tell by the sound of Eleanor’s voice that this is only going to add to my list of troubles. “Yeah?”

“Your mother —

“Eleanor,” Grams interrupts her. “Not today.”

“She has a right to know.”

“Grams, let her finish. What, Eleanor? What about my mother?”

“It’s possible that she’s still alive.”


“Yes. Your father died the night you were born and Clairisse; your mother didn’t know what else to do. She very well couldn’t take you back to the Veil of the Faeries. They’d never accept you. And she knew she couldn’t keep you safe. So she left you with your Grams and went back to the Veil of the Faeries. See, I met your parents a year or two before you were born. That was back before things got complicated. We feared that we were going to be compromised and tensions rose. We didn’t trust each other anymore. So we all had to go our separate ways. But your mom and I kept in contact. And when she found out she was going to have you, she was terrified. She made me promise that if anything happened, I would keep you safe.”

“When was the last time you saw her?” I ask.

“She came once, when you were still just a baby. A couple months old. Then, one last time when you were about 4. We never saw her again.”


And that’s it! If this sounds like the book for you, the kindle version is currently at $1.22. Make sure to give it a look!


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