Photographic Monday: Harry Potter WB Studios Tour

It was my birthday last week, and as I’ve been too lazy to work on the photos I took of that adventure, I decided to show you one of the places where I celebrated last year’s birthday, one month after the birthday: the Harry Potter Studios.

Diagon Alley

Aah! Isn’t it beautiful?!

That was one afternoon I will never forget. I was excited to the point that I lost track of the  people I was going with. You see, I just had to see and photograph EVERYTHING.

I didn’t, of course. The place is enormous, and the level of detail in every object is immense. One can go there ten times and there’ll still be something missing, be it one of the vials in Dumbledore’s study, or a detail in one of the dresses Fleur Delacour wore.

Now, I wish I could show you everything, but that won’t be possible. After all, a) that would make this post enormous, b) I only edited like… 3% of the photos I took, c)  a good number of them are blurry since I was jumping up and down like a kid anyway, d) I didn’t photograph everything because I didn’t see everything as there is too much to see and therefore it’s difficult to photograph it all in one visit, and e) showing you everything might take a bit of the fun out of it.

The tour begins with the Great Hall. It’s smaller than I expected, but the sheer beauty of it made me want to weep. You can’t help but feel like you’re at Hogwarts. The tables are there, the uniforms are there, the goblets, the food — oh, you know what? I’ll let the photos speak for themselves or I’ll never shut up.

Hogwarts Crest

Caw Caw Ravenclaw Death Eater

Oh, I can’t help myself. See that Death Eater right there? It was just the costume, of course, but when I turned around (without having spotted it) and saw the mask staring down at me, I nearly fell down. Part of me expected to hear “Avada Kedavra” and see a jet of green light. It’s that good.

Magic is Might

Cheeri Owls Miss Ginny Weasley

The Burrow area is too lovely. There are so many details in it that we don’t get to see in the films. From wizard cereal to a chopping knife working on its own, it’s wonderful how much care was taken to build the Weasley’s family home. It’s no wonder Harry fell in love with the place. Oh, and yes, those knitting needles were moving on their own. And yes, it’s magic.

The Diadem

F-Fred? Goodbye Dobby

I’m sorry for putting these here. I’m so sorry. I’m even sorrier for asking if you’ve spotted the bloody red on Dobby’s clothes. But hey, the fact that these made many of us tear up at the sight of them only shows how good they are!

Vicious Mermaid

Potions Class

Look! The labels are handwritten!

Awesome, no? And this is just a peek at the magic that is this tour. It’s so wonderful you can easily spend a full day there. I know I will the next time I go. Oh, yes, because I will return there. The when is far from definite, but it shall be decided in time.

If you have the time, the chance, and the money, I can’t recommend a trip to the studios highly enough. Especially now. You see, in just a few hours, they’ll unveil a little something. After all the whispers about extending the place, and considering it’ll be announced at 9.34am, it wouldn’t surprise me if the train station was added to the tour. And who doesn’t want to take a ride in the Hogwarts Express?

I hope you’ll go, either because you’re a Potterhead or a cinema fan. Your appreciation for both will more than double.

And it’s just so cool!

Edit: The reveal has been made and yes! It’s the Hogwarts Express! (x)


“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K. Rowling


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