On the current hiatus

Hello everyone!

I am here for a quick update. As you’ve probably noticed by now, the blog hasn’t exactly been active lately, but never fear. I am not retiring from my bookish ways or giving up on you guys. No, this is only a hiatus without an end date (though I expect that one will come quite soon!), and there is one very good reason associated with it.

What is it then? Well, let’s just say I’ve just moved countries. Yup! I am now in the land of Potter, Holmes, the Pevensies, the Darlings, and so many more of our favourite characters, the UK.

It may be colder than Portugal, but seeing so many bookshops warms one’s heart more than sunlight ever could.

Speaking of books, I’ve arrived earlier this week and have yet to settle in (house hunting is far too hard), but once that’s done and I have finally caught up on sleep, new reviews will be popping up on the blog. Expect gushing over Fairest, and awe over… well, you’ll find out soon enough! In the meanwhile though, please be patient. I’m re-learning how to live the busy, insane life of a scientist with too many hobbies.

Oh, and by the way, if you guys know of any bookish event happening in the UK until September, including signings from awesome authors, book fairs, cons, etc, hit me up! Every recommendation is highly welcome.

I’ll see you guys soon!


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