Interview: Teresa Santos

Lauren kindly had me for her Asexual Artists series, and invited me to rant about photography, writing, and asexuality. Do give her blog and interviews a look! There is wonderful art and beautiful words in it :)

Asexual Artists

Today we’re joined by Teresa Santos.  Teresa is an amateur writer and photographer.  She’s a very versatile photographer and the images she sent along are absolutely lovely.  Her writing isn’t public yet, but if her photography is anything to go by, this is an artist who has an incredibly bright future ahead of her.  My thanks to her for taking part in this interview.

Cosplay photos Cosplay photos


Please, tell us about your art.

I’m an amateur writer and photographer, two types of art I have dabbled in for years but never quite took to the next level. Fingers crossed that’ll change soon! In terms of writing, I write mostly short fantasy stories and have been slowly writing two YA novels, one fantasy, one contemporary.

As for photography, I do a little bit of everything: landscape, wildlife, urban, portrait – when I manage to go to a con or a medieval…

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