Meeting authors galore! Sarah Benwell, Marieke Nijkamp, and Fantasy in the Court ’15


It’s been a bit over a week, ten days to be exact, since one of the most fantastical days of my life. It feels like it was just yesterday and a dream, all at the same time. Why was it so fantastical though? Because I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to a number of wonderful authors: Sarah Benwell, Marieke Nijkamp, Joe Abercrombie, Laura Lam, Peter Newman, and Francesca Haig; not to mention spotting others like Den Patrick, Ed Cox, and Stephen Deas.

No, I did not have the chance to go to Nine Worlds (one day, one day). I met the majority of them at an event at London Goldsboro Books, Fantasy in the Court. Fantasy in the Court is an informal event where you can, with a glass of bubbly in hand, talk to fantasy authors and get your books signed. There’s no queue, no desk between you and your favourite writer. It’s just as if you were meeting them casually in the pub. Granted, a pub with much more than alcohol, but the informal feeling is the same. And it’s absolutely magical. It does, however, have the tiny setback of making you want to read even more books, but that’s just a bookworm’s life, isn’t it?

Indeed, although I have yet to read Peter Newman, I found him to be such a wonderful person that I am now on the hunt for his book. I shan’t rest until I find it in paperback. Yes, book events be delightfully dangerous, and I need more of them in my life.

I digress.

Now, if you follow the latest diverse books out there, you may be confused as to how Sarah Benwell and Marieke Nijkamp, two diverse contemporary authors, came to be in this mix of fantasy writers. Well, let’s just say that the three of us and my good friend Diana (she’s a great graphic designer; you should totally check her portfolio) were all going to London then and decided to meet up.

Obviously, the results of such a meeting included a lot of bookishness. And I do mean a lot. My TBR list is now bursting at the seams, and it wasn’t in a very good state before. If you ever have the chance to meet Marieke and Sarah, be warned, TBR growth is inevitable.

Need further proof? This was taken outside a Waterstones. The second we went to.

After meeting these two amazing ladies whose books ripped my heart out (not literally, of course, but the scars of pain remain), it was time for Fantasy in the Court.

Unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of bookish people that I forgot all about taking photographs. Really, it was packed with people. I don’t know how Goldsboro managed to organise it, but they did a wondrous job. And I’m not just saying that because it gave me the chance of meeting (and making a fool of myself) Joe Abercrombie, who is rapidly becoming one of my favourite fantasy authors. I’m saying it because, well, it was very well organised.

The people, of course, also helped to make it an unforgettable evening. From having Francesca Haig (you can get  The Fire Sermon here) noticing my nervousness in walking up to Abercrombie and taking me to him, to geeking out about pipetting with Abercrombie himself (you can take the girl out of the lab, but you can’t take the lab out of the girl), to talking about Mars bars and how readers indirectly give them to authors with Peter Newman (you can get The Vagrant here), to discussing neurology and book related jewellery with Laura Lam, it really was a perfect evening.

Here’s to hoping this is the sort of day I’ll be able to relive time and again.

In the meantime, make sure to click on the photos below to order (or pre-order) these great books by their equally great authors!

Contemporary YA to rip your heart out. 

IMG_20150815_115034128 IMG_20150815_114952168_HDR



Fantasy to whisk you away to whole new worlds.

If you’re in London next year, make sure to check out Fantasy in the Court! In the meantime, if you’re a historical books fan, I believe they have an event in tow just for you…


Have you ever had the chance to meet any of these amazing people?
Ever had an unforgettable encounter with a writer?
Is there an author you would particularly love to meet?


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