Tessa is a full-time geek and spare time biologist with a penchant for fairy tales, photography, and cats. When she is not busy thinking of how vampires can look just like humans and yet have a completely different digestive system, she writes maniacally whilst belting out Irish folk tunes – unless she’s sobbing over a Broadway musical she just found out or the death of her favourite characters. Refusing to believe fairies do not exist, she hopes to one day become a published author whilst studying the mammals’ genes of cuteness, or even help discover life outside Earth.

On this blog, she plans to babble about the books she’s reading, talk some more about books in general, share some of her photos, and speak of whatever tickles her fancy at the time. She’s always happy to read any comments or suggestions, so feel free to share them whenever you feel like!


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  2. I am a new author with a new book on amazon called The Order of Light. I would love for you to read and review it. I am new to this, how do we proceed?

    All hearts eventually stop beating.
    Every empire falls.
    Mountains slowly crumble.
    And all lights at last will fade to darkness.
    Everything has its end…

    Only a fool would believe otherwise.

    And yet we all believed the earth would continue spinning forever…

    We were wrong.

    But of course, humanity, much like a pesky roach, isn’t so easy to destroy. We are still here. And the earth’s lack of motion only brought us the truth behind light and darkness.

    That truth came with power, and a price.

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