Monthly Wrap-Up: October ’16

October. The month of horror, of autumn, of hot cocoa and sweet potatoes, of panicking about NaNoWriMo and reading instead of planning. Well, if you’re me anyway. Not that I can complain much right now as I’ve discovered plenty of wonderful books, some of which will lurk in the back of my mind forever. Perhaps one day I’ll even write one of my own, eh? Let’s see how this November goes!


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Monthly Wrap-Up: September ’16

Reading-wise, September was not one of my best months. Between the end of the holidays, preparations to leave the country, an odd reluctance to read, and having to leave an 80% read book behind, my TBR underwent little decrease. Thankfully, the books I did finish were lovely in their own way and left me pumped for all the books to come. Besides, the colder weather always makes one want to read a little bit more, doesn’t it?

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Monthly Wrap-Up: August ’16

The summer heat is unrelenting to a point where if one doesn’t put down their book for a dive, one is bound to melt into a puddle. Ah, the price of living in a country that is prised for its temperate winters. Still, despite the feeling of being in a constant need of a shower, it is utterly lovely to read by the seaside or with your feet deep in the river. The lull of rushing water even makes it easier to finish books you had DNF’ed in the past!

Mm, makes you wonder what it’d be like to read summer books at the beach. Would they be finished within the hour? Would the books feels especially vivid? Guess those are questions to answer next year!

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Monthly Wrap-Up: June ’16

What a month! June is bound to go down in history as one of the craziest, most terrible news-worthy month in the decade. Between Orlando, Brexit, Istambul, and Merlin knows what else, it’s no wonder so many people have been finding it hard to keep their head above the water. That’s not to say that the month was full of no more than tears for me. Not only did I go to my first ever Pride, which was an absolute blast, but I got to intern in a fabulous lab for a month. Nonetheless, the books I held helped to drive away the nightmares and fears better than anything else ever could.

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Monthly Wrap-Up: March & April ’16

Phew, these last couple of months have been a complete rollercoaster! Between exams, the flu, and so so much labwork, it’s been frankly hard to keep my head floating above the water. It’s times like these I’m thankful for audiobooks. Indeed, most of the books (and I do mean most) I’ve been reading entered my mind through the ear buds, not the eyes.

The majority of these were fantastic books as well. They were the kind of stories that will whisk you away to another land, so that every sound, every object fades away until there is nothing more in the world than the words you’re reading. All a reader could ask for. March and April were definite successes of book picking!

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Monthly Wrap-Up: January ’16

With a new year comes a new feature, and in 2016, I bring you…

A wrap-up of all books I read last month! (Okay, okay, I know, it’s not that big a surprise since it’s right there in the title, but I needed a reason to use that gif and blast this on repeat.)

January was not a month full of the best of books – not for me anyway. It was a month of reading hyped YA and books that were pushed into my hands, and finding most lacking. Nonetheless, it allowed me to cross books of my to-read list, learn much, be entertained, and find a book I will always hold tightly to my chest.

Now, without further ado, here they are!

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