Photographic (Satur)day: Solar Eclipse

It’s time for yet another interruption on the current hiatus (this only goes to show how good I am at hiating – is that a word? probably not). This time, it’s the moon’s fault.

Solar Eclipse II

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Photographic Monday: Harry Potter WB Studios Tour

It was my birthday last week, and as I’ve been too lazy to work on the photos I took of that adventure, I decided to show you one of the places where I celebrated last year’s birthday, one month after the birthday: the Harry Potter Studios.

Diagon Alley

Aah! Isn’t it beautiful?!

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Photographic Monday: Sunset on the mountains

In mid December, I had the chance of going to one of my favourite places in Portugal: Serra da Estrela. For those of you who don’t know, this is the highest mountain range in continental Portugal, with the highest peak reaching 2km of height. Whilst it’s definitely no Kilimanjaro or Everest, it’s still high enough that snow says hello quite easily when it’s cold down below.

That day, however, the mountains decided to play a trick on us. Odd as it may be, it was quite hotter at the peak than it was down below. And I do mean hotter. Some people were walking around on t-shirts, and everyone down in the villages had their teeth chattering.

And the snow? There was some. Pearly white but hard as rock. No, that was not the most beautiful part of it. The sunset was.

Sea of Clouds V

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On word sprints and insane goals

As the weekly meme OK, Let’s Read’s Thursday Thoughts is currently on hold, I’ve decided to use Thursday’s posting time to write about… well, whatever I feel like. Two weeks ago, I wrote about Kathleen Hale and the fear and indignation that the book blogging community was (and is) experiencing. Last week, I joined Asexual Awareness Week to remind everyone of the need for asexual characters in fiction. As for this week? NaNoWriMo.

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How flowers bloomed at the end of summer

Around this time last year, I embarked on a trip of a life time: I did an Erasmus year in England. Sheffield to be more exact. It could hardly have gone better.

But I didn’t know it would be so pleasant at the start. I was nervous to boot. And understandably so. It was my first time away from home for over a week, and I had chosen to spend it in a foreign country, in a town I knew next to nothing about, where I only knew one person – and she was going there for the first time too. A bit of a mad thing to do.

So when I got there, after a good night’s sleep after a day of panic attacks, sleep deprivation, starvation, of waiting for hours for trains that didn’t show up (eyeing you, Manchester Piccadilly station), I did the only thing one could do to relax. I picked up my camera, set up Google Maps on my phone and went looking for the Botanical Gardens.

Say what you will, looking at flowers and trees is more important than food. (Sometimes.) Besides, there was a rare, wild creature I was expecting to see…

Oops! Got Caught
The Squirrel.

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First post!


I’m Teresa, also known as Tess and variations thereupon. I have been writing book reviews in a blog called Blurbarians with friends, for all things geeky. This blog will have some more book reviews and a little bit of this and that, including other literature related shenanigans, photography stories, and whatever else tickles my fancy.

Hope you’ll have fun browsing! :)