The gift of giving: bookish fundraisers

As we all know, winter celebrations are fast approaching. In the western world, there are Christmas decorations everywhere: malls, streets, stores, schools, and so many more. Television too is quite keen on reminding us that the time to buy gifts is now. The sooner we get them, the less pressure we’ll have on the gift sharing day.

While it may be true that it’s best to get the presents for our loved ones asap, it’s also true that it’s always good to remember about people we don’t know. Now, before you think this is one more of those “GIVE ME YOUR MONEY” or “YOU MUST DONATE TO CHARITY” posts, let me tell you, it is not. I’m just here to tell you about two book related fundraisers that I think deserve your attention: Worldbuilders and We Need Diverse Books. If you give them money or not, well, that’s completely up to you!

And yes! I did say book related! Continue reading